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Rosie, a tired old hack, is going round the world from August 2 with her husband Paul and her (not so tired, in fact rather bouncy) daughters Daisy and Clover. They are planning roughly three months in Asia, six months in Mexico, and two months in South and Central America. Currently in India…

8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Sounds incredible – am constantly looking at jobs abroad esp while they’re young. Lots of people at work taking placements in US and UK. One question – if you are coming back what happens about schools? You said your trip is classed as home schooling. Round here every primary is stuffed full. Do you just have to reapply when you get back? That’s if you come back?! Have an amazing trip. Truly once in a lifetime. I’ll be following your blog! J


    1. It’s a good question, Jo. The girls’ school is very good and they are very happy there. But although schools appear stuffed full in the infants, they aren’t as full in the Juniors. They can’t hold the place but it’s clear they expect us to get back in. If not, all the other schools in SE23 are Good or Outstanding – it didn’t seem like a good enough reason NOT to go. They’ve been great on the Home Ed front too…
      Definitely coming back to SE23 (and I remain a school governor – totally pro British state education and the girls’ particular primary). They’ve been fab. Might write a ‘home schooling’ post soon since they’ve just given me a whole load of curriculum stuff. Nice to hear from you.


  2. Hi đŸ™‚ Rosie, I have sent you and Paul message on facebook- have you seen it? It’s in “other” messages folder since I am not your friend on fb. Enjoy your travel :)!


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