Last shot at Thailand: Koh Chang


Nothing to see here- especially if it is dark and rainy outside at home! Our last destination in Thailand was the ‘Elephant Island’ of Koh Chang, which is six hours drive from Bangkok Airport.

DSC04752 DSC04695

Six nights in the same place is a major luxury. Six nights near the beach even more so. I won’t make you too jealous so will just say we fell into a routine of a couple of hours ‘school’ in the morning (I’m still no teacher, but it has to be done) and then afternoons and evenings on the beach.


Real highlights included a snorkelling trip where even Clover jumped off the boat into the water to see the fish around the coral reefs (though she hated the breathing tube and would only use the mask), and lots of candlelit dinners on the beach and by the lagoon, where we saw huge hermit crabs, and beautiful sunsets. We took a trip to the Little Sunshine resort – built by my friend Caroline’s late father – with a laughably perfect private beach, as well. Time passed fast.

DSC04856 DSC04814

At the end of the week we all felt a little more ready for Myanmar – though far from perfectly prepared. Yangon is only an hour and twenty minutes away by plane, but thanks to years of isolation is utterly different. An account of our Burmese Days will follow.